Michael Ashcroft

Photo of Michael Ashcroft

Hi, I’m Michael.

I believe that we humans have qualities that make us intrinsically worthwhile: curiosity, contemplation, the drive to explore our internal and external worlds, the capacity to experience awe.

I’m fascinated by how we can move towards the best versions of ourselves — individually and collectively — and live our lives as fully as possible.

My website is how I let the others find me.

Quick bio

I live and work in London, UK.

I have degrees in Physics and Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

I love the emotional power of progressive trance and house music, including anything produced by Above & Beyond and their record label Anjunabeats.

The book I’ve gifted the most is The Clock of the Long Now, which I love for its optimism.

I write articles on my blog and publish a newsletter called Thinking Out Loud, which you can subscribe to here.

Things I care about

Climate and energy innovation

My career has focussed on how energy innovation can tackle one of the biggest existential threats we face: climate change. I recently joined the Power & Utilities team in the Infrastructure Advisory Group at KPMG, where I help clients navigate the energy system transformation.

Before this I designed innovation projects for National Grid Electricity System Operator, I was Managing Director of a crowd-working based technology intelligence startup and I was a consultant at the Carbon Trust advising clients on low carbon innovation policy and strategy.

I'm interested in removing carbon from the atmosphere to reverse global warming. I'm a co-founder and Non-Executive Director of the Carbon Removal Centre, a UK-based not for profit organisation whose purpose is to advance sustainable carbon removal.

personal growth

Working in the shadow of climate change has focussed my attention not just on how we might solve it, but on what lies beyond it. As Nietzsche said, “he who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” What futures do we want to create that will make solving climate change and other global challenges worth it?

I want to help foster a world where we have the freedom to move towards the best versions of ourselves as individuals and as a civilisation. I love working on this process in myself and helping others on their own paths.

I’m a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, an awareness-based educational process that helps people live with greater ease and freedom, and I’m a Co-Active coach, working with clients in my spare time.

I love learning about psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and productivity. I do my best to practice Zen, though don't consider myself Buddhist.