Michael Ashcroft

I like to write. I separate my writing into two types: essays and notes.


Essays are my more thoughtful, polished longer-form writing. They're 1500+ words in general.

For the newer pieces this means I've put more thought into structuring and editing them. Some of the early ones would now be notes.

My favourite essays:

Or you can find a list of all essays here.


Notes are earlier stage, less polished, fleeting ideas. These are around 500 - 1000 words.

Think of the notebook as a playground or a workshop that you're very welcome to wander around and explore.

My favourite notes:

Or you can find a list of all notes here.


I publish a newsletter called Thinking Out Loud, which chronicles my journey as an online maker of things, but it's also is where I talk about whatever I'm interested in at the time.​ There are about 1500 of us now, come play!