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Alexander Technique

I am a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. I have built a self-paced online course that introduces many of the fundamentals of Alexander Technique using an awareness-based teaching model. More than 1400 people have taken it and many of them have had strong results.

You can check it out here.

Advice & guidance

If you want my advice and guidance on something I can help you with, you can book me for one-off calls by the hour. These calls are intended more for problem-solving type discussions than for ongoing coaching, which I will be launching as a separate offer later in the year.

Choose a price that fits your circumstances:

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I am currently training to be a coach in the Aletheia model of Integral Unfoldment. I hope to re-launch my coaching practice in May 2024, drawing from Aletheia, my existing training in the Co-Active model and insights from Alexander Technique.

Let the others find you

I am currently building a series of offers (workshops, self-paced course and small-scale cohort experiences) around the idea of 'finding the others', or rather, the journey of putting yourself out there in such a way that your 'others' can find you.

This is based on my own experience going from going from the traditional world of employed work to self-directed Internet weirdo along with lessons learned from a great many conversations, workshops (e.g. for Write of Passage, where I was a mentor) and coaching.