Michael Ashcroft


Here are the things I'm focusing on right now

Last updated: 6 February 2024


  • Aletheia Advanced Coaching Program Level 1
  • Setting up and developing an analogue Zettelkasten
  • Signficantly increasing the quantity and quality of my reading
  • Great Decisions Course from Art of Accomplishment
  • Refreshing this website
  • Writing my Permissionless Service manifesto
  • Mobility and strength work to resolve tight hips and unstable knees
  • Restarting my Substack


  • The Art of Impossible — Steven Kotler
  • The Matter With Things — Iain McGilchrist
  • Antinet Zettelkasten — Scott Scheper
  • The Undivided Self — Theodore Dimon
  • Wired for Love — Stan Tatkin