Michael Ashcroft


Well, so far only one, which is Fundamentals of Alexander Technique. So far more than 500 people have taken it and many of them seem pretty pleased!

I am also making a new three or four week email-based course called Playful Creativity inspired by an approach I have developed in working with coaching clients.

I've found that a common trap in making things is to try harder to make things, which just gets people stuck. Playful Creativity will help people get out of their own way and allow their natural creativity to emerge easily and playfully.

I plan for this one to be quite affordable, because it's the kind of thing I'd like to see scale and allow more people to find joy in their own creativity. Everyone will get lifetime access and I'll continue to improve it as I learn more.

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I publish a newsletter called Thinking Out Loud, which chronicles my journey as an online maker of things, but it's also is where I talk about whatever I'm interested in at the time.​ There are almost 1000 of us now, come play!